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Welcome to our NEW Parent Portal for DIVESEATTLE with our new partner, ICLASSPRO!

AAU Membership is required for participation in DiveSeattle: Please go to www.aausports.org to register with DiveSeattle using code: WY73C4 for the 2018-2019 season. Divers must show a copy of their card on the first day of class or camp to participate. Cost is $14.00 per year from Sept. 1- Aug. 31st. 

New Divers: Please just create an account and login and select the class you want to sign up for and follow the prompts.

Current Divers : Please sign in using your email. If you do not know your password, please click forgot password and type in your email address. We will send you a temporary password to log in. If you are still having trouble, feel free to create a new account.

UPDATE YOUR CHILD's INFORMATION: Birth date on your child's account, AAU number, all medical information and update your credit card information plus review the policies. We have existing divers currently enrolled but need your account (credit card) to be updated as soon as possible. Please verify you have the correct card on file and it is correct in your parent portal (file).

CANCELLATION POLICY:  All cancelations happen at the end of each quarter.

DROPPING/TRANSFERRING a CLASS: Divers are required to request to  transfer to a different class by logging into your parent portal on ICLASSPRO (here) and VIEW ENROLLMENTS. Here you can request to TRANSFER to another class options. Our staff will review drop or transfer and approve these for your confirmation.

MAKE-UPS: DiveSeattle will not do make ups for classes missed by the diver as our classes already run full and it is virtually impossible to schedule make ups at the pool. All make ups will be done at our dryland centers. Please request a make up session (one per month only) at the dryland center.


Registration is set by our quarterly sessions as follows:

  • Quarter I - September 10-November 4 (Registration for Q2 is Oct 1-10th)
  • Quarter II - November 5 - January 14 (Registration for Q3 is Dec 1-10th)
  • Quarter III- January 15 - March 10 (Registration for Q4 Feb 1-10th)
  • Quarter IV - March 11- May 5 (Registration for Q5 is April 1-10th)
  • Quarter V - May 6- June 23 (Registration for Summer Camps May 1st)

Summer June 24-August 18 - Summer Camps

Summer break - August 19-September 10, 2019 - Privates only.

Medical - If a diver sustains an injury for an extended period of time, a 40% credit will be given to the diver until they resume diving. That amounts to 60% of the dues are still billed regardless of the injury or reason for not attending to maintain membership on the team.  

Meet and Event Schedule: 

This year we are running on a QUARTER system as follows so kids can come and go every eight weeks around other sports. First come, first serve for registration this year.

  • Quarter I - September 10-November 3 - Event: Halloween Meet - October 27th at Juanita 4-7PM. NO DIVE CLASS/DRYLAND early that day.
  • Quarter II- November 4-January 13  - Event: Holiday Dive Show -Dec 15th - Exhibition and fun!
  • Quarter III- January 14- March 10 - “I Love Diving” February Meet - Feb 16th - Bellevue pool
  • Quarter IV- March 11-May 5 - Shamrock Dive Meet in Beaverton, Oregon- March 16th/tbd
  • Quarter V- May 6- June 23 - Oregon State Games Meet - Beaverton, Oregon - June 22-23
  • Summer season: Dive Camps!

Technical: If IClassPRO does not recognize the email you provide, but you have an account with our program, please contact us about your account at info@DiveSeattle.com

IF you have any questions, please contact us 10-2:00pm, Monday -Thursdays (office hours) at: 425-209-0857 for help.