Boto 3, 3-5 Years, Tuesday 3:00, NE Airport

Instructor(s): Stacy Crockett

Level: Boto 3 DolFUN 3-5y

Boto DolFUN-3

Preschool-Level 3

3-5 year old


Proper head and body positions Supported Turtle with Bubbles/breath; Vertical pencil down, anchor to bottom or pool, bridge to wall and anchor with head; Vertical pencil from platform/steps return to prone pencil; Submarine with no goggles assisted; Safety jump with no goggles assisted; Blow bubbles down to a sit assisted; Maintain back pencil, travel to peer with teacher; Monkey, Airplane, Pencil with assistance; Safety jump without assistance turn around; Safety jump lifejacket float assisted



Continue to learn swimming skill foundations moving from assisted to without assistance/solo SAFETY