Spinner, 5-10 years, Saturday, 8:30, NE Airport

Instructor(s): Cynthia Ortmayer

Level: Spinner DolFUN 4-7y

Spinner DolFUN

Preschool-Level 5

5-7 years old



Float for 10 sec., close to ball and open to bridge in 3.5ft; Quiet propulsion in half “T” (monkey) to Airplane to pencil up to 60 ft.; X, Y, and pencil back float independently for 1; Backset, travel in back pencil; Vertical pencil, anchor to bottom and float up; Accept air while in propulsion 3-5 ft; Safety jump with clothes on, anchor to wall with no shoes



Formalize all four strokes, begin the combination of the full stroke and develop distance and stamina