Boto 1, 3-5 Years, Monday, 3:30 NE Airport

Instructor(s): Cynthia Ortmayer

Level: Boto 1 DolFUN 3-5yr

Class starts September 9, 2019

Boto 1


For a first time beginner swimmer. Able to sit, listen and wait; willing to participate; able to understand and follow pool safety rules.



Water Orientation, Comfort in the Water with face submerged, Trust the water to hold them, SAFETY


Boto 2


Aqua Tot Graduate OR Boto 1-Water Orientation and comfort complete. Trusts the water, able to put face in and head under the water. Able to sit, listen, and wait, Enter and exit on wall independently.



Learn swimming skills for primary aquatic foundation-Breath, Buoyancy, Balance and primary stroke elements with assistance. SAFETY