Wednesday 4:45 Parent-Tot

Instructor(s): Ivy Lee

Level: Parent Tot

In these classes, children are presented with age appropriate movement challenges. This program includes lessons on gymnastics apparatus modified to the special needs of preschoolers. Gross motor coordination is developed through the use of balance beams, mini trampolines, bars, tunnels, spring boards, and tumbling mats (just to name a few...)
We also explore inversions, weightlessness, heights, balance, depth perception, rolling, climbing, swinging, balancing, jumping, individual space, sharing, and much-much more! Group activities are included in our curriculum. Activities which involve partners are also included to provide students with an awareness of others, thus learning to share and take turns accordingly.
Eye/Hand coordination is also developed through partner, group, and musical activities. Utilizing music in our weekly lessons allows students to improve their rhythm and listening skills. Please, come by and visit! Check out our facility and upstairs PRESCHOOL area!