Wednesday 7:00 Rec Cheerleading 10-12 year olds Junior

Instructor(s): Laura Goodfriend, MaKayleigh Curtis

Level: Junior 10-12

Cheerleading has grown into a very popular sport. It has only been recently that cheerleaders have been referred to as athletes as opposed to participants. Because of the increased interest in this sport, we offer professional cheerleading instruction emphasizing safety awareness and proper teaching of modern cheerleading techniques and skills.
All of our cheerleading classes combine cheer technique instruction with tumbling instruction. We utilize various types of gym equipment to ensure safe and progressive teaching (various styles of mats, spring & foam floors, trampoline, and tumble tracks.)  The cheerleading section of our class focuses on jumps, motions, cheers, chants, dances, and stunting (week depending.)
Students will learn the proper way to begin, execute, and land their jumps. They are also introduced to 
correct leg placement, arm position, and the proper names of each jump. Arm motions, cheers, chants, 
and dances are choreographed (to 8-counts) to 
help students better understand and be prepared 
to enter a competitive and/or recreational 
cheerleading TEAM. In the tumbling section 
of class, students 
work on basic tumbling drills and skills related to cheerleading such as; cartwheels, round offs, 
backbend kickovers, back walkovers, and 
back handsprings