Mechanical engineering: Master Machines @Summerside Residents Association Sept 11- Oct 9 to register go to (Inactive)


Level: Apprentice/Master (Age 7-14)

Registration opens Aug. 30

During the Mechanical Engineering unit, students use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, test, and improve a variety of machines and mechanical systems. Students learn basics of energy, traction, aerodynamics, and durability while constructing roller coasters, eggstreme defense vehicles, and an incredibly fast air-powered custom dragster.
Marble Run– Marble Run introduces the concept of how to create a hypothesis to students. Using angles to adjust the trajectory of their marble, students will attempt to create a track that is able to guide a marble successfully to the bottom of the track and into a cup. Though design, students will create a hypothesis and then adjust a range of variables to prove the hypothesis correct.

Eggstreme Defense – Students will explore packaging design and construction in the Eggtreme Defense activity. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of forces and how their effects can be minimized through designing safe and effective vehicles. The egg defense vehicles will undergo numerous tests to illustrate how product testing in real life is a detailed and systematic process.

Candy Catapults – The catapult activity will provide a basic knowledge of how and why catapults were first created. Students will build a simple catapult using a spoon to power their candy projectile. Students will also explore the mechanics of catapults in order to increase precision and accuracy.

Custom Dragster – During this lesson, students will experience the challenge of building an air-powered vehicle that is incredibly aerodynamic. They will create a car shaped body which they will then redesign in an attempt to improve the efficiency of this vehicle in order to achieve the fastest dragster possible