Gymstar 5 & 6 Event @ FCGC Gymnastics


Hi Gymnasts and Families, 

Only a few more days until the Gymstar event on the 18th August so we hope you are excited! 

Just a few reminders for time: 

Please aim to arrive 15 minutes before your warm up so you have time to comfortably find a park and your coach before it begins

Gymstar 5 & 7 

Gymstar 6 & 8

There will be spectator entry costs of $5 for adults, $2 for children and $10 for a family. 

We still need more parent volunteers to help us run our BBQ on the day - you can still see the event from the BBQ and can step away when your child is performing to take videos/ cheer. As a not for profit club these BBQs are very important for our fundraising! Follow the link to sign up for a BBQ shift:

Have a great time!! If you have any questions please get in touch either via phone 9315 4010 or email