Parent/Child Swim Workshop for Ages 1-6yrs

YOU are your child's first teacher!!

Swimming season is around the corner. If you are prepared you can guide your child into safe swimming habits that will last a lifetime!

Join us for a one time, 1 hr workshop for families with babies, toddlers or pre-schoolers. (Workshops divided by age group 6-36 mo & 2.5-5yrs)

Parents will learn:

Pricing - $30 for first child, $12.50 for siblings.

As swimming teachers we only get 30 min with a particular child a few days/week. That's not much time. Most of that time we are battling bad habits kids learned before they ever took their first swimming lesson. When YOU as the parent can teach and or reinforce the swimming and water safety skills each time you get in a pool, lake, river or ocean - you'll have a water safe child!