QUISPAMSIS: INTERMEDIATE, MONDAY 7.00PM (Must Have Passed Bronze CANGym Badge 4)


Recreational gymnastics classes at Fundy are divided by both age and ability. Typically individuals enter at the beginner level, but due to our individualized progress evaluation they can advance through our levels at the pace most appropriate for them.  
Classes are small in size, with a maximum of 8 gymnasts per coach, ensuring each athlete gets the attention they need to progress as they work through Canada’s National Skill Development Program: CANGYM.
Class Levels:
The CANGYM program consists of eleven badges. These badges are divided up over the three class levels offered at Fundy.
BEGINNER: Badges 1 (burgundy), 2 (red), 3 (tan,) and 4 (bronze)
Boys and Girls – 1 hour
INTERMEDIATE: Badges 5 (purple), 6 (blue,) badges 7 (turquoise) and 8 (silver)
Boys and Girls - 90 minutes
ADVANCED: Badges 9 (orange), 10 (yellow), and 11 (green) or coach recommendation
Boys and Girls – 2 hours
(Invite Only)