Game Night VS: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Fortnite - 11/22/2019

Instructor(s): Drew Brown

IT'S A COMBO NIGHT! Come compete in our favorite beat-em-up styled game, SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE, and everyone's favorite Battle Royale game, Fortnite, in our new esports inspired format! This night will specifically be a "Competitive" night where there are 3 challenges attendees can try to earn in order to earn XP, rank up and win prizes during the first half of the night! During the second half of the night, attendees will participate in competitions to win additional XP! This night's challenges are:


EASY: Complete 3 fortnite matches

MEDIUM: Win a smash 2v2 battle with a 4 min timer

HARD: Finish a Fortnite match in the top 15 without picking up a weapon

COMPETITION: Random Character Super Smash Bros Ultimate Competition


Bring your own Nintendo Switch with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tv Connector Box and controllers and receive a 15% discount!* As always this is a drop off event. Of course, you can't game without some food and drink, so we'll have some pizza and Capri Suns for each competitor. Parents, feel free to head out and grab dinner while your kids enjoy a night of Super Smash Bros!! 

*Please call ahead if you plan on bringing a Switch/Controllers. Game-U is not responsible for any damage done to the device(s) during the game nights



Game Night VS. is a new, Esports inspired, format for Game-U’s Game Nights. In VS., students will compete in a ‘season’. Over the course of a VS. season, students will complete challenges every night and compete in competitions against their friends. When students earn XP by coming to game nights, doing challenges, and winning competitions, they will rank up on our VS. leaderboard. Hitting certain rank milestones grants the player new merch! 

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Not interested in the VS. side of things and want to just play games? No worries! Participation in the VS. challenges are completely voluntary. Feel free to play games for fun just like all of our past Game Nights.

Give us a call at 614-659-7203 if you have any questions!