Pioneer Game Design & Minecraft Modding (Ages 10-12)

Instructor(s): Alex Patton

Level: Pioneer I

Get your start creating full-length, 2-D side-scrolling adventures, space shoot-em-ups, puzzle games, and more on pro game tools! Students use editors like GameMaker and Construct 2 as they study the fundamentals of game design, computer programming, and pixel art with the option to publish their games for iOS, Android, or web browsers. Your only limit is your imagination! Pioneer students will also learn learn to program in Java with Minecraft! Students get hands-on experience creating unique items, blocks, and creatures in this introductory class on computer programming. With no prerequisites, beginners start typing code and creating their own game “mods” (modifications) in the first lesson.

Cost- $125 Per Month
Lesson Duration- Class meets once per week for 60 min
Course Length- Continuous, year-round.  Each month students learn new topics and face new challenges