Explorer Game Design & Minecraft Modding Jr. (Ages 08-10)

Instructor(s): James Gartland

Level: Explorer

In this program, students learn hands-on about all the major aspects of games development, such as level design, character design, programming, materials, lighting, audio, using multiple game development editors, such as Project Spark, an exciting new 3D game development editor.  From month to month, students will be introduced to new tools to help round out their skills and inspire them to continue learning. Students can create fully immersive worlds, complete with character and object interaction. Explorer students will also learn Minecraft Modding. Younger students learn to design and create their own Minecraft modifications by using age-appropriate, easy to understand methods. They can even share their creations with friends in multiplayer!

Cost- $99 Per Month
Lesson Duration- Class meets once per week for 60 min
Course Length- Continuous, year-round.  Each month students learn new topics and face new challenges