Summer Yoga & Art Camp- June 17-20th (Ages 5+)

Summer Yoga/Art Camp: Mindful Adventures Session 1: Connecting Yoga and Art with Nature and the 5 Elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space. Kids will have 1 hour of yoga everyday followed by an art class. Each class will practice asana, play yoga games, learn relaxation techniques, and make art while exploring themes of yoga and the 5 elements. 

All New Art Projects!

June 17: Earth- Feel grounded and stable through a yoga practice that focuses on connecting with the Earth. Create an art project with Mexican self hardening clay.

June 18: Water-Flow like water through a sequence of connected asana. Think about going with the flow and being adaptable to new situations without stress. Paint with watercolors. 

June 19: Fire- Fire up creativity and confidence with this yoga class with fun games and asanas of balance. Use charcoal to draw! Use soot as a drawing tool!

June 20: Air- Notice the air moving through your body by focusing on breath in this yoga class. Focus on clear communication and self-expression. Use balloons and bubbles as part of yoga games. Make art using air by blowing paint with straws and hair dryers. Create Space with watercolor and salt. Add Shooting Stars by blowing paint.