Summer Yoga & Art- July 22-25th (Ages 5+)

Summer Yoga/Art Camp Mindful Adventures Session 2: Connecting Inner Space with Outer Space using Yoga and Art. Kids will have 1 hour of yoga everyday followed by an art class. Each class will practice asana, play yoga games, learn relaxation techniques, and make art while exploring themes of yoga and our inner connection with ourselves and to the vast world around us. 

July 22-Inner Space: Notice your inner space! Practice a relaxing yoga flow with ample time for relaxation to feel the relaxing energy inside yourself. Make a meditation mind jar with glitter and decorate the lid. 

July 23- Explore Ideas of self and mindful awareness. Enjoy an empowering yoga flow with animals, games and partner poses. Draw yourself as an animal. 

July 24- Feelings: Explore the power of positive words and how they affect your feelings! Enjoy a yoga class with power poses like warrior, star, and others. Feel how positive words and power poses effect the mind and body. Make star burst of positive quotes on canvas and paint. 

July 25- We are all connected! Enjoy a yoga class focusing on connection. We will do yoga in a circle and focus on synchronous movement. Try more partner poses, and games. Draw and paint a mandala.