Beginner Tumbling Thurs 5:15pm (Co-Ed, 1st Grade & Up) (Inactive)

Level: Beginner Tumbling (Co-ed, 1st grade & up)

In Beginner Tumbling boys and girls in 1st grade and up will be performing at the fundamental level of floor exercise (tumbling) skills.  This class provides a solid foundation for more difficult skills to be learned as students gain strength, coordination and confidence.  Our emphasis is not on who’s the fastest, the strongest or the best, but on the adventure of growth and learning.

Child & Adolescent Development Specialist, Robyn J.A. Silverman, PhD has developed our character education program that is used within the context of our organized gymnastics lessons.  This program invites students to listen, share, discover and reflect on the ways to become upstanding members of our community as well as confident individuals in their own right.  This curriculum enhances your child’s learning experience by helping them develop socially and cognitively as well as physically!