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Which Class to Choose?

18 months to 36 months:  Our Parent & Tot class is specially designed for our youngest students.  Child must have reached a minimum of 18 months of age to start this class.  Parents participate with their child.

36 months to 48 months:  Grasshoppers is the correct class for a 3 year old.  Child may start the month they turn 3.

4 years through Kindergarten:  Child may start the month before they turn 4.  Our program for this age is skill based.  Crickets is the entry level class open to anyone.  Skill evaluations (see below) are required to enroll in the Intermediate level Bumblebees or the Advanced level Hummingbirds.

Grades 1-5:  Enrollment is based on both grade and skill level.  "Mini" designates 1st and 2nd grade only.  Beginner level classes are open to children who are new to gymnastics, have been out of the sport for a while, or who still lack some skills to move up to the intermediate level.  Skill evaluations are required to enroll in all intermediate – advanced level classes.

Skill Evaluations:  Children registering for any intermediate or advanced level class must have been enrolled and participated at the desired level within the past 6 months or have passed a skill evaluation for the desired level within the past 60 days.  Skill evaluations are free and can be scheduled at either office.  To review our skill requirements for each level, please click here