Wednesday 6:00 pm 4 and 5 Boys and Girls

Instructor(s): Jackson Hutson

Level: Ages 4 - 5.11 years

Winter Spring 2020 Class Session 

January 6 - May 21st 2020     Tuition is $456 19 classes

No Classes Spring Break March 16-20th 2020! 

DISCOUNTS: For family with multiple children discount begin with the 3rd child receiving 25% off and 4th child 50% off. There is also a 30% discount for the same child enrolling in multiple classes. To better understand our procedures you may review our policies in your family profile. There will be no holidays in this session.

Our Program promotes:

Listening skills, Self Confidence, Gross Motor Development, Fear and Trust management

Our Bridge 2.8 - 3.11 yrs age class requires a child to come into the gym independently.  This class has a ratio of 6 students.This class is ideal for progressing from our Parent & Tot classes into an independent class. Have your child dressed in clothing they can be active in. If your child is not toilet trained, please have them wear a pull-up for class.