Crawlers Tuesday 11:30 AM-12:00 PM

Level: Crawlers

CRAWLERS (4 months to 11 months)  30-minute class each week $No ChargeThis class is designed crawlers, scooters, to cruisers that are just learning to be mobile. Developing strength during tummy time and coordination.

Once walking your child would be ready for the Rug Bug class (walking) 1yr. -3yrs. old.

Benefits of Crawlers Class

Healthy growth and development for baby
• Essential Parent - Infant bonding in various ways :
• Eye to eye meaningful communication
• Voice recognition
• Movement
• Stimulation for baby
• Imitation of facial expressions and gestures
• Early development of infant's gross and fine motor skills
• Tracking moving objects with eyes
• Essential tummy time
• Dedicated one on one time with your new baby
• Socialization with other new moms!
• And so much more...