(Entry Level) Preschool Gymnastics

Instructor(s): Jasmine Smith, Miranda Dorsey

Level: Preschool

Preschool Gymnastics (Entry Level)


These classes are designed to develop not only the skills they are learning, but also contributes to their overall development as a person. Physical benefits to health and movement are obvious. The entire body gets stronger. Students being together and working and struggling together aides in social interaction. When they see each others struggling, while others may not be struggling as much, they realize that everybody is learning.  Emotional development comes from the courage to try new things and realizing that success is possible, that’s when the confidence and desire to learn really take off.  Higher thought processes begin to develop when they are struggling with a skill, which causes them to start problem solving and strategically plan how to approach problems with a positive mind set.  We also want to teach them skill names and vocabulary to increase their general knowledge about what they are doing and why. Communication is a huge benefit.  There is a lot a verbal instruction given for the student to be able to perform skills. Their listening skills are activated.  The student has to convert the verbal instructions to physical action.  By sharpening their listening skills, learning becomes more efficient.

Gymnastics classes alternate events weekly: Bars, Beam, Floor week 1/ Vault, Trampoline, Floor week 2

55 minute classes means:

4  5 minute Rotations

Bars-  The skills that are developed here are EARNED, more than learned.  Grip Strength is a must; in order to be able to be successful at Bars. The more they hang, climb, pull up, and chin holds they can do, the stronger their grip strength is. This class is designed to teach skills that will develop the strength and technique that is required to perform skills with more difficulty, based on the ability of the student to perform the skill safely. This event requires the students to manipulate their bodies under, over, around, and off of a stationary bar. That is pretty AWESOME!!

Beam-  The skills these girls learn how to do on a Beam that is only 4 inches wide….INCREDIBLE!!!  Balance, Coordination, Courage, Grace, Strength, and Focus are some of the benefits of participating in this event. Spatial Awareness broadens greatly when specific requirements are placed on the area of activity. Watching students grow and mature through their development of skills, and seeing their confidence increase is a pretty cool experience.

Floor- This is the place where strength is really developed, and it is easy to see their strength grow. The skills they will be learning require strength in different areas of their bodies that other sports or activities do not use.  As their strength increases, the control over their skills becomes obvious.

Trampoline- This is where some magic happens.  Our goal is to have them bouncing on a tramp for 15 minutes  The kids are bouncing, laughing, and having a ball, while we are teaching/guiding them through the discovery of how to control their body in the air while performing individual skills.  The skills progress in difficulty according to ability of the student to perform the skill safely.The individual skills will then be done consecutively in different routines.

Speed/Power of skills = student ability to perform safely.

The skills listed are not the only skills they will be working on.  Some skills have different drills that will help develop the strength and technique they need to be successful.

5 minute Challenge/Game

This time allows students to show off new skills, have fun playing games that help improve listening and reaction times, or compete in different challenges.

I hope this helps clear up some questions about what we are doing.  Please, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.