(Age 7-18) Tumble & Tramp- Sophomore/Junior

Instructor(s): Colin McNabb

Level: Sophomore

(Ages 7-18) Tumble and Tramp - Sophomore/Junior

Instructor(s): Colin McNabb

Level: Sophomore

Tumbling/Trampoline- Sophomore

OK! Here is where the architecture begins. The foundation was laid as a Freshman, so we are going to take all of the knowledge and experience from those skills and lead up drills to begin building new skills from them.  The muscle memory and strength that has been developed, causes the students confidence to rise in their ability to do more difficult skills.  We want students to progress, being successful feels great!

60 minute classes means:  

3- 15 minute event rotations:


Tumble Tramp-  


Speed/Power of skills= students ability to perform safely.

The skills on this list are not the only skills they will be working on.  Some skills have different drills that will help develop the strength and technique they need to be successful.

5 minute Challenge/Game

This time allows students to show off new skills, have fun playing games, or compete in different challenges.

When the student has mastered all of the listed skills, they will be transferred into a Junior class.  I hope this helps clear up some questions about what we are doing.  Please, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Cost: Class Registration is $45 and tuition is $75 a month. 10% Discount available for more than one child in the program or enrollment in more than one class.