K TRF X6: BEG Tramp -- Flips Training

Instructor(s): Paul Pitman BA

Level: 1hr: Adult-Child, Presch, Beginner Classes

Warning: Although this is a beginning trampoline class it requires more attention, preparation, and practice than most. Further, students entering this class should have had previous experience with beginning trampoline (or other gymnastics disciplines so that understand the basics and are ready to progress to somersaulting.

Prerequisite: Students in this class must be (1) enrolled in at least one other beginning class (preferably ninja or a trampoline class; with this class at least two 1-hr classes) or an intermediate mixed gymnastics class, (2) interested in joining intermediate trampoline or intermediate (2-hr classes) as soon as possible, and (3) willing to do lots of homework (fundamental skills while in the gym and physical fitness conditioning skills while at home).

This class covers fundamental gymnastics skills training for performing flips (somersaults). After learning jumping, bouncing, turning, dropping, and other safety fundamentals, this class helps students learn forward and backward flips, a requirement for most intermediate classes.

This class is highly recommended as a supplement to other gymnastics classes (e.g., mixed gymnastics, tumbling, ninja), especially for those wishing to do activities that require safe falling and spatial awareness (sense of one's position in the air).

Because advancement to intermediate ninja classes require the ability to do both front and back flips and beginning ninja classes do not have enough time to train flipping, THIS CLASS IS A PERFECT FOR OBTAINING THE REQUIREMENTS FOR ADVANCEMENT. INT NINJA and INT TRAMPOLINE classes require front and back flips to enroll.

Those in diving, gymnastics, cheer, acrobatics, martial arts, and other such activities should find this class especially valuable.