H TEAM X4: Trampoline TEAMS

Instructor(s): Kelsen Onigama AA

Level: 3hr: Team Training

HA Team Training is for Team Members Only. Entry to team is by invitation only.

Admission to team by invitation only (via audition by Dr Max, Coach Ally, Coach Kelsen, Coach Rudy, or Dr Mah) followed by a tryout period (usually one month) and then formal commitment.

1. Audition or explain previous team experience to get invitation to tryout (phone Dr Max at 741.2223).

2. Tryout for one day (cost is $20) and if both coach, gymnast, and teammates feel it is an appropriate fit take the next step.

3. Tryout for one month ($220+tax+$30equip for 2 practices per week; $280+tax+$30equip for 3 practices per week; and $330+tax+$30equip for 4 practices per week) and if all agree go to the next step.

4. Sign up for membership in Hawaii Academy Trampoline Teams Program and pay the Annual Team Membership Fee.

5. Agree to the terms of team membership and commit to team training, performing, and support.


Team Practices: Elites typically practice 4-6 days per week with each workout ranging from 3-5 hrs, depending on what is needed during the season. Many elite gyms train two practices per day (but we rarely do this). All levels of team regularly train three hours per day on the days they train.

Training Schedule: Team practices are according to the number of days you wish to practice. Tuition is based on the average number of practices per week (two days/practices per week is the required minimum). Through 2020, training takes place every day of the week at the Honolulu Gym (M 530-830p, T 530-830p, W 530-830p, R 530-830p, F 5-8p, S 4-7p, X 4-7p) and on one week day at the Pearl Harbor Gym (W 530-830p).

Tuition: Monthly tuition is determined by the number of days (hours) per week each gymnast trains: 2d/wk = $220+tax/mon plus $30 equip maintenance (minimum training); 3d/wk = $280+tax/mon plus $30 equip maintenance; 4d/wk = $330+tax/mon plus $30 equip maintenance; 5d/wk = $370+tax/mon plus $30 equip; 6d/wk = $400+tax/mon plus $30 equip maintenance; 7d/wk = $420+tax/mon plus $30 equip maintenance.

Annual HA Student Membership: $60/yr prorated to $5/remaining months of the calendar year.

Prorated Annual Team Fee: In 2019 this fee was $600 per year for everyone (except elites). The 2020 annual team fee is $480.

Family Obligation: Team Families Required to Volunteer/Assist With Meets, Exhibitions, and Special Events (at all functions hosted by Hawaii Academy Trampoline and Fitness Teams). Active membership in this Academy program is required.

Registration/Release for Team Parents and Assisting Family. All parents, guardians, siblings, and others connected with each gymnast must complete a registration (release) form and be enrolled in the HA Team Parents Camp (not a class) which lasts the entire year. This camp charges NO tuition and an HA membership is NOT required. This form is required of anyone going on the floor or assisting in any way with performances, training, travel, etc. during the year. Please help insure that ALL team gymnasts and all who help them during the year are REGISTERED.  Thank you.

Energy Warning: Team training involves intense physical exertion and focused attention. Please bring to practice a water bottle and snacks (e.g., grapes, orange sections, apple slices, raisins, dried fruits, nuts/seeds--avoid fats, refined sugar, chocolates, and spices during training). Eat full meals AFTER practice consuming only juices and light snacks before training.

Lockers: Lockers are available at all three facilities. Please supply your own lock. Keep inside an extra set of training clothes and whatever else you may need to train effectively. This is especially important for arriving at the gym without going home first to get your things... and for occasional accidents.

Good luck! Have fun! Be safe!


Teams Administrators:
   HA Sports Department Chair:  Max Vercruyssen PhD
   HA Trampoline Teams Program Head: Max Vercruyssen PhD
   Honolulu Site Manager: Justine Perkins