K TRI X1: Intermediate Trampoline

Instructor(s): Kelsen Onigama AA

Level: 2hr: Intermediate, Advanced Classes


This class emphasizes trampoline, double mini-trampoline, tumble trampoline, and both acrobatic and power tumbling with accelerated training that leads to entry onto Hawaii Academy's Trampoline and Ninja Fitness Teams.

Intermediate Trampoline Classes emphasize safety, control, and form in learning individual maneuvers and then putting them together in swingtime 10-skill routines. All students must be able to ‘perform on demand’ a trampoline routine! (This means that students in these classes may register for any of our local competitions and are ready to perform.) After jumps and drops students learn routines progressing in difficulty from levels 1-10 as published in the current USA Gymnastics Trampoline Code of Points. This training sequence adds continuity to our lesson plans across locations, provides a means of comparing student progress with all USAG trampoline clubs throughout the US, and defines the order of skill mastery so that students are developing safely according to a standard advanced by the Federation of International Gymnastics, the United States Olympic Committee, and the USOC National Governing Body—USAG. Team training uses the same curricula (USAG Rules and Policies) but at an accelerated rate of learning.

Intermediate Trampoline Class students are REQUIRED TO BE ABLE TO PERFORM FRONT AND BACK FLIPS plus all prerequisite/fundamental jumps, drops, turns, and other progressions (the only exceptions made are for those who show great promise and should get their flips within two weeks).

TRIALS are only for those serious about trampoline/rebound training and parents/clients must decide to enroll immediately after the trial. Enrollments are limited so waiting more than a day might mean preferred classes are full--no longer available.

MAKEUPS in Intermediate Trampoline Classes are only for those enrolled in Intermediate Trampoline Classes (NOT for students doing makeups for Intermediate Tumbling, Mixed Gymnastics, or Ninja Classes).

Coach Kelsen was a 2008 Age Group World Champion on double mini-trampoline after winning many national championships in Japan, USA, and Europe. He is also exceptional at ninja warrior obstacle courses. Consider taking two classes with him each week: an intermediate trampoline class and an intermediate Ninja class. He is also an HA Trampoline Team Coach so he can guide students to acquire necessary skills and attitudes for advancement to a Trampoline Team.