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Hi and welcome to High Flyers Trampoline and Gymnastics Academy Parent Portal. 

Here, amongst other things, you can keep track of your childs' gymnastic superstar's progress, take care of enrolments and update all your family's details. Please note all payments are GST included and are payable in Australian dollars.

You can renew and pay for your child's monthly fees for classes, make new bookings for holiday sessions, open kindy sessions and also put your details on the portal and go on the waiting list for future classes. Recreational classes are billed monthly, and run from Mid January through to Mid December. You can set up your credit card to be automatically charged giving you ease of payments. One months notice is required if wanting to stop. You can join at anytime as long as space. Make up tokens are in operation for any classes missed, with rules and conditions of use etc.

If your child is a competitive athlete please email highflyers1@bigpond.com for more details.

We have three methods of payment to suit you, our preference is A;

 A) Credit card through the portal. Please set up securely through the portal then choose payment options (on the left in green) and follow the instructions. We use a Australian company called IntegraPayAU to collect the credit card payments. 

B) Ringing 9309 3500 to speak and pay at reception, or ask reception to add your card details on to your ledger.

C) Internet banking, please see confirmation email with banking details on: High Flyers, bsb: 086 420, acc num: 906327886. Please put on reference name of athlete and what for if you can. This must be paid for prior to date bill is due. If it is late we will insist on you adding your credit card details to pay.

Automatic recurring transactions are taken on the last weekday of the month for recreational athletes (for the next months fees) and on the 10th or nearest weekday for competitive athletes (for the next months fees), please make sure there is sufficient funds in your account.

Any other payments such as uniform, competitions etc it is up to you to pay at reception or on the portal as and when required.

Any issues please email highflyers1@bigpond.com or ring reception on 9309 3500 now open 10am to 7pm weekdays and 9-3pm Saturdays.


Please see our mission statement and core values, for all members below. A copy of these is in the competitive handbook and in the welcome handbook for all recreational athletes.

Our vision is…

athletes come first.

Our vision is to significantly improve the lives of every High Flyers athlete (and their families).  We envisage becoming the front runners in propelling trampolining and gymnastics within WA and Australia. We want to unveil the powerful gifts our sports have to offer and ignite fires of inspiration for generations to come.

We pride ourselves on our values: growth and progression, ambition to aim higher, inclusivity, teamwork with support, sportsmanship with respect.

Please see our codes of behaviour for all athletes, members of staff and parents at High Flyers.                                                              Please see reception or Belinda (at gym 2-6pm weekdays) if you have any issues. All of these are outlined in your competitive handbook and the contract you sign means you will adhere to the policys, please see your head of coach if you require another copy. We know the majority of athletes, coaches and parents are abiding by these.

All athletes

In addition to High Flyers’ General Code of Behaviour, you must meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any activity held or sanctioned by High Flyers, and in your role as a participant in any activity held by or under the auspices of High Flyers:

  1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of fellow participants, coaches, officials and spectators.
  2. Do not tolerate acts of aggression.
  3. Respect the talent, potential and development of fellow participants and competitors.
  4. Care for and respect the equipment provided to you as part of your program.
  5. Be frank and honest with your coach concerning illness and injury and your ability to train fully within the program requirements.
  6. At all times avoid intimate relationships with your coach.
  7. Conduct yourself in a professional manner relating to language, temper and punctuality.
  8. Maintain high personal behavioural standards at all times.
  9. Abide by the rules and respect the decision of the official, making all appeals through the formal process and respecting the final decision.
  10. Be honest in your attitude and preparation to training. Work equally hard for yourself and your team.
  11. Co-operate with coaches and staff in the development of programs to adequately prepare you for competition at the highest level.
  12. I understand the head coach has selected the training times and coaches with the whole program in mind. They have also selected the best group for me.
  13. I understand at the end of the season the head coach will be continually assessing me, with everyone else and has the right to move me into another group if need be, after consultation with my parents.
  14. I understand the head coach makes their decision based on criteria and that they have the final say in grouping and coach assignment.


All Parent’s


As a parent of a participant in any activity held by or under the auspices of High Flyers, you must meet the following requirements regarding your conduct during any such activity or event:

  1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others.
  2. Remember that your child participates in sport for their own enjoyment, not yours.
  3. Focus on your child’s efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.
  4. Never ridicule or yell at your child and other children for making a mistake or not doing well in a competition.
  5. Show appreciation for good performance by all participants (including opposing participants).
  6. Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility especially when dealing with or near persons less than 18 years of age, as your words and actions are an example.
  7. Respect officials’ decisions and teach children to do likewise.
  8. Do not physically or verbally abuse or harass anyone associated with the sport (participant, coach, judge, etc.).
  9. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  10. Be a positive role model.
  11. Allow fellow parents the respect they deserve in their viewing or involvement in their child’s participation.
  12. Be aware of the repercussions that any breaches of this code of behaviour may incur.