First Church ELC Thu 2 yr olds -starts 9/5

Level: Off-Site

Classes begin week of Sept 9, 2019 and continue through May 15, 2020.

Gymnastics promotes coordination, flexibility and balance. We teach gymnastics at your child’s individual level in a fun, creative and positive environment, therefore developing self-confidence, a love for fitness and a sense of achievement.  Skills are taught on the Swing Bar, Balance Beam, Trampoline, Springboard, Tumbling apparatus, and other fun props!

45-minute class once a week.

$391.00- includes entire school year tuition + $30 registration fee.  Pay this in full and receive half off of our spring Annual Exhibition! (Choose this Full-year option under “Billing Schedule” drop-down box.)


Split my tuition into payments: First payment of $76.00 (Sept. tuition $46.00 + $30 annual registration fee), 7 payments of $46 (Oct.-April) and May payment of $23.00 Auto-charged on 1st of each month. (Select Default billing).