Fundamentals of Art K-2 grade -Thursday 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Instructor(s): Symantha Raley

Fundamentals of Art K - 2nd 
Grade/Age Level: Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade
Dates: Thursdays
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Thursday
Fundamentals of Art

This 32-week elementary level art class emphasizes the fundamental principles of art. Students will learn about artists, styles of painting and develop their skills by reading art-themed books together, studying paintings, and creating their own masterpieces. They will improve their drawing skills, understand the art elements, and learn a variety of techniques using all sorts of media (tempera paint, watercolors, colored pencils, oil & soft pastels).

Ultimately, students will develop skills which are not developed by other subjects. Your family will be amazed by the wonderful projects they create, as they discover the artist within themselves.

Book required: No book Required
Supply fee: $30/yr will it cover Art Supplies and clean up materials

Supplies to bring to class:
Simple Sketchbook- any size the child likes We will be drawing for the first few minutes of each class.
6 regular pencils
Colored pencils
Pencil Sharpener preferably with cover
Washable Markers
Glue Sticks (4 small or 2 large)
Watercolor paint set with a paint brush
Black sharpie

**Smock: Please send one of dad’s old shirts or something that covers the arm. Make sure your name is on it.