Math Reasoning & Computation 3rd-5th -Tuesday 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Instructor(s): Symantha Raley

Math Reasoning & Computation 3rd-5th

Grade Levels: 3rd-5th Grades 
Dates: Tuesdays  
Times: 1:00-2:00pm

Mathematical Reasoning and Computation for Grades 3rd-5th will help to develop reasoning and problem-solving skills, sharpen computation skills, while also focusing on basic math skills. The curriculum for the course includes workbooks by Critical Thinking Co. which emphasize problem-solving and computation to build math reasoning and problem-solving skills; and Kumon Math Workbooks (grade-specific basic math skills, in addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) to help build a solid foundation of basic skills. In addition, the course will utilize timed drills, flashcards, math manipulatives and games throughout the course.

Curriculum:  (Assessment required; Instructor will let you know what to order once the grade levels are determined)

Math Analogies by The Critical Thinking Co. (Grades K-5, specific by grade level) 

Balance Math & More by The Critical Thinking Co. (Grades 2-5) 

Complete the Picture Math Book (Grades 1-3, specific to grade level)

Kumon Math Workbooks (grade-specific and skill-specific) 


Supply fee: $15.00/yr  is also needed to cover games, manipulatives, and copies of drill handouts to be used in class.

Materials needed: Students will need to bring a binder, pencils, colored pencils and rulers to class each week with their books.