Gym Jets Silver TH 6:10

Instructor(s): Tanisha Roberts

Level: -None- (location: Inspire Athletics)

This class is for 5 and 6-year-olds who have mastered all of the Bronze skills. Participants continue to work on more advanced gymnastics skills and gain strength and flexibility that will prepare them for our school age recreational gymnastics classes, or to progress towards our team program. Skills mastered in this class will transfer to our recreational program and completion of this levelwill also mean completion of Girls Level 1. (It is similar to earning college credits while in high school)

Student teacher ratio: 7:1. Class length: 50 minutes

*Please note that your child may receive a recommendation from the instructor to switch classes based on his/her skill level or readiness for a different class. We do our very best to ensure that every child is in a class setting that will best develop their skills as gymnasts and athletes.