Girls Lev. 1 W 4:10

Instructor(s): Jennifer Malott

Level: Level 1

We offer a Non-competitive Gymnastics Teaching Curriculum that includes a poster and sticker reward system. The program is designed to:

Teach skills in small achievable progressions that allow for the child to experience success quickly and regularly, thus keeping them excited and motivated to keep learning;
Encourage participants to progress at a pace that is comfortable to them, while still challenging them to keep learning new skills;
Define winning as personal effort that creates self improvement;
Help children enjoy physical activity and develop the life-long healthy habit of exercising.
The posters and stars are a way for the participants and parents to see what their goals are, keep track of what they have learned, and know what they still need to work on.  

The Girls and Curriculum is for children 7 (or in the 1st grade) to 15.  Children in this program will begin with the basic skills of gymnastics and progress to advanced skills.  The curriculum covers all aspects of gymnastics, including mini-tramp and dance (for girls).  The curriculum is divided into 6 levels, level 1 being the beginner level and 6 the most advanced.