VB FREE Setting Foundations (Jackie) Sunday (Inactive)

Instructor(s): Jackie Cline

Level: VB Advanced Clinics

Setting Foundation Class will focus on wrist work, hand positioning, setting footwork (standing setting and jump setting), and setting fundamentals. This class is intended for the athlete that wants to be a great setter and maintain those fundamentals.

You must register directly with the coach to participate in the Advanced Skill Sessions. You can only register for the current week. If you plan to attend every week, you will need to contact the coach each week to reserve your athlete a spot. Please have your request into the coach 24 hours prior to the session.

Price: FREE
Ages: Middle School/High School Athletes (Unless approved by coaching staff)

Email Jackie directly at jackie@integritygym.com to reserve you space in the Setting Skill Session. You must reserve your spot each week.