Recreational All Ages Tumbling Level 4 & 5

Instructor(s): Mark Metelko, Jessica Metelko

Level: Level 4

This Tumbling Session is for Recreational Athletes for all Ages. 

Here they will work all Level 4 & 5 Tumbling skills:

Standing Tuck   ð 3 Jumps to BHS Tuck   ð Punch Front RO BHS Layout
ð Standing BHS Tuck   ð 3 Jumps Pause Tuck   ð RO Whip BH Layout  
ð Jump to BHS Tuck   ð FWO RO BHS Layout   ð RO Whip Punch Layout  
ð RO BHS Layout   ð       ð      
ð Jumps to Tuck   ð Standing BHS Layout   ð Jumps to BHS Layout  
ð RO BHS Full   ð RO Whip 2 BHS Full   ð BHS Whip BHS Layout  
ð FWO BHS Full   ð       ð      
ð       ð       ð      
ð 3 BHS Full     ð Standing BHS Full   ð Jumps to Standing Full  
ð 2 BHS Full     ð Standing Full   ð BHS Series to Double Full
ð Jump 2 BHS Full   ð Arabian to Full   ð Standing Specialty to Double Full
ð CW Full     ð RO BHS Double Full   ð Running Specialty to Double Full