CheerTots - Pay As You Go (Inactive)

Instructor(s): Shannon Waight, Davante Bridges

Level: Level 1

PAYG £4.50 Per Session

For Competent walkers - 2 years

This class is designed in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage focusing on:

- Gross motor movement based activities - balancing, sliding, climbing, and jumping - which assist your child in development of coordination, confidence, creativity and self esteem.

-A safe environment providing a wide range of stimulating and challenging equipment.

-A chance for you and your child to play and learn together

-An opportunity to participate in individual, partner and group activities with and without small hand equipment - balls, bean bags, hoops, scarves, streamers.

-Music, games, songs and dances suited to your child’s developmental stage.

- Fundamental movement skills to help set the foundation for lifelong, active & healthy participation in physical activity.