Big Dipper Co-Ed T 9:30 (Inactive)

Level: Beginner

Big Dipper classes are for children ages 5 & 6 or who are in Kindergarten.   Classes provide 60 minutes of skills, fun and fitness and are held in the recreation gym. You can choose classes for boys only, girls only or coed. Class structure includes warm-ups exercises, new skills and circuit work on the bars, beams, trampolines, and vault. While the children bounce, roll, hang, swing they develop muscles for grip strength, coordination, balance, and agility. As they raise their self-confidence and self-esteem they also learn how to listen, follow directions and focus.

Neuroscience studies prove the benefits of gymnastics for brain development and reading skills. Physically fit children perform better in school. Our goal is to help children learn to control their body and develop an athletic attitude so that games and sports are opportunities for exercise and fun.