T & T Beginner T 4:30

Level: Beginner

T and T, as tumbling and trampoline is called, is a great class for gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders and kids who want to learn to flip. In the T and T class students will learn proper use of the rebounding apparatus, safety rules and technique on trampoline, rod floor tumbling and double mini-tramp.

 Director of our T and T program is Coach Chris Pechar. Chris coached our 2015- 2016 Northstars to the T and T USA Gymnastics Olympic Junior National Championships. Look through our schedule and choose a class that fits your needs and sign up today.

 T and T 60 minutes: This is a beginner class for bouncers who want to learn the fundmentals of this Olympic sport. Boys or girls ages 6 to 10 may sign up for this class.