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Now Enrolling Spring 2020 Session!

Session 2: April 1st-June 20th
Please note all listed tuition rates are monthly!


1. Jumpn Gymnastics is always open-enrolling. Your tuition will be prorated at the time you register.

2. Jumpn Gymnastics offers the convenience of monthly autopay, however, all clients are required to be enrolled for an entire session. See session dates.

3. Please note it is very important that Jumpn Gymnastics has permission to send your family emails, as this is our main way of communicating closures, tuition information, and priority registration. 

4. When registering online all clients are defaulted to MONTHLY AUTOPAY, if you would like to be billed as a Session Pay in Full client, please indicate this in your registration notes. 

5. Our system does require a credit card on file, your card will not be charged without a Jumpn representative processing your request.
- Your cart will show a $0 balance when you request the class. 

6. Booking a trial or Makeup? Simply choose the class that best fits your schedule and change the drop-down menu to TRIAL or MAKEUP.

Please call 763-270-5580 or email sheilaewer@yahoo.com with any questions. We can't wait for you to join the Jumpn Family!

Monthly Autopay:
Monthly Autopay clients will be billed the monthly class fee on the 1st of each month (or the next business day). All Monthly Autopay clients are required to have a Credit Card on file. Athletes who are registered as monthly Autopay will automatically be rolled into the next session unless an online drop form is submitted during priority registration. Monthly Autopay clients are still required to be enrolled for the entire session.
Session Pay in Full:
Session Pay in Full Clients will pay for the Entire Session (12 weeks/8 weeks) upon enrolling at Jumpn Gymnastics. Clients who are Session Pay in Full will be automatically dropped at the end of the session. If a client wishes to continue into the next session they must pay for the next session during priority registration.

Jumpn Gymnastics is always OPEN ENROLLING. Join at any time and your tuition will be prorated!

Thank you for your interest in Jumpn Gymnastics!

* No Obligation Trial: Trial a class today and if you don't like it you you will owe us nothing. If you do enroll it will count as your first class.