Kid Excel After School Everett Elementary

Instructor(s): Keith HIggins, Camri Caldwell

Our ALL NEW Kid Excel After-School Program is designed to teach children skills they don’t necessarily get from school and to provide them with fun activities that keep them active after their long day at school. Our billing is biweekly. Please note that if you sign up before school starts it will charge you for the first two days (August 15 & 16) and two weeks. Then after that it will be every two weeks. Fees will be pro-rated for school holidays. We will be happy to pick your child up early on early release days from school, but there will be a charge of $5.00 an hour for any extra hours over the 2 included in your tuition. We recommend you buy a snack card so your child can have a snack and drink when they get to the gym. You are welcome to provide your own and keep it in their tub.

Because all of the N. Lamar schools are on the same van route, the availability of a specific school may not be accurate. If any N.Lamar schools are not showing availability, but others are, please call or text 903-486-2807 or email us at so we can open slots in the school you are wanting and take slots away from another school on that van route.

Program Includes: Archery lessons, golf lessons, enrichment lessons in art & other topics, Ninja fun, trampoline lessons & free time, arts & crafts, & much more! + FREE pick up from the following schools:
 Higgins,  Everett,  Bailey,  Stone,  Aikin, Chisum,  & Blossom!

 *Kid Excel is not eligible for a free trial