Toddler Time

Instructor(s): Lisa Gandy

Level: Level 1

Want a unique bonding time with your toddler?  Look no further!  

Toddler time and a mommy and me class that preps the child for preschool classes.  The first half of class is spent doing structured activities that challenge your child's physical and cognitive abilities.  The last half of class is spent playing with your child in a set area allowing your child to explore and have fun with their parents in a large foam pit or on a trampoline.  The parents responsibilities are to keep their child on task, teach and reinforce gym rules and make sure they stay in their established area.   If they decide to “RUN” you must chase them, so be ready!!!  This class will prepare your toddler for a structured preschool class.


This class will begin the week after spring break on March 25th. Registration will be open Tuesday, March 12th.