TLC School Prep Show Team

Instructor(s): Emily Chaix, Ashli Gonzalez, Autumn Velin

Level: Level 1

We are SO EXCITED to bring you this program!!!

We have learned through many years of teaching cheer that the number one goal for most students and parents is to affordably get prepared to make it on a Jr. High, High School & College Team one day. To do that successfully it is critical that you begin early in the grade school years to develop the necessary skills of tumbling, jumps, motions, stunts, cheers, chants, dance & presentation. We will show their new skills they learn by doing local exhibitions i.e. PJC Basketball games, Pumpkin
Festival, Art Fair, Parades, PJC Cheer Clinics, and many other events in town! You will receive a schedule of events in June.

Team will attend one class a week for 11/2 hours with cheer instructor Emily Chaix. Emily has a wealth of experience as she was raised in our gym! She was in gymnastics and cheer at 3TI for 9 years! She won 2nd place at Trampoline and Tumbling National Championships and competed for many years in all-star cheer as well earning our team some of its' highest achievements. She went on to college and has returned to Paris and to work with us again! We are SO PLEASED to have her on board with us! She is a quality person of outstanding character with Christian values and will be a terrific role model for the kids in our gym.

This is for ages 5-11 for both girls and boys. Tuition is $88.50 a month (based on a 4 week month). Uniform cost will be $118 and will include a skirt, t-shirt, & hoodie. The shoes and bow will be purchased by the customer. They cost approximately $32. Emily will tell you exactly where to order those products.