Aerial Acrobatics 6 Saturday 11:20 - Intermediate/Advanced *Invite*

Instructor(s): Girls Gym Jam, Alicia Viola

Level: Aerial Acrobatics

Aerial Acrobatics

In our Aerial Acrobatic Silks program, aerialist will perform movements and flows while hanging from the silks fabric. Students will learn how to climb, pose, and 'drop' from the silks all while honing in on their body's ability to balance and coordinate their actions. The students will learn how to improve their agility and flexibility while also improving upon their strength within the class.

While our main focus will be the Aerial Silks, the class will also include:

-A warm up often using our Ninja Equipment
-Creative rope moves and climbing
-Solo and partner tumbling and balancing skills
-AND a few minutes at the end of class for their own creative fun!