Foundations Occupational Therapy - Thursday 3:15 - Investigators

Instructor(s): Rachel Lott

Level: Foundations Occupational Therapy

A unique small group occupational therapy session designed for 3-8 year olds (split into individual groups based on ability and closer age range)  to begin to work on their motor development within a structured and controlled environment. Using fun games and activities such as a motor song, core poses, fine motor work, game time, and a cool down, children will get to practice a large variety of fine motor, gross motor and social skills.  These pieces of development are all interrelated, and when they work in harmony, they improve a child’s ability to learn essential information for school such as reading and math, as well as improve functioning in all environments.
The core focus of the group will be on integrating the sensory information a child receives from the environment and producing appropriate responses to this information. Other objectives of the group include:  integrating primitive reflex patterns; improving gross motor skills of balance, coordination, strength, and control; building fine and visual motor development of strength, control, and coordination; building self-help skills; and improving behavior and the ability to interact with peers and adults (including but not limited to turn-taking, direction following, increased attention to task, and interaction with others).

Children appropriate for these groups include children who:
- seek excessive movement
- are hesitant to move, climb and explore
- seem inflexible and have difficulty with change 
- prefer to play alone versus with others
- have difficulty with transitions, changes in routine, and following adult directed tasks
- demonstrate sensory sensitivities (to clothing, foods, etc)
- demonstrate high pain tolerance
- have limited safety awareness
- have delays in fine motor, visual motor skills
- display weak core strength, balance and coordination
- demonstrate delayed ball skills