Tumblebees 4 Thursday 10:25 Worker Bees *Invite*

Instructor(s): Tumble Bees, Sadie Ohara

Level: Tumble Bees Worker Bees- 5-6yrs Invite

Tumble Bees - Worker Bees
Invite Only Class.

Worker Bees is an invite class typically for 5 & 6 year old girls who are mentally, physically, and emotionally ready for additional skill development, structure, & challenge.

Child development experts know, for preschoolers, acquiring healthy learning attitudes is far more important than mastery of specific skills. The Tumble Bees curriculum is carefully designed for exactly what children needs most during these formative years. In Tumble Bees, gymnastics skills are used as tools to teach learning attitudes while skill mastery is a second goal.