Level 6 & 7 M530 Pre-Pointe - KS

Level: Dance Level 6 & 7

Pre-PointeOpen to students currently studying Ballet in Level 5 & 6. This class is designed to focus on strengthening the legs & ankles in preparation for Pointe shoes! In order for dance students to be considered for Pointe shoes, students are required to be at least 12 years old, taking TWO ballet technique classes per week, & currently enrolled & studying in Pre-Pointe. Students have the opportunity to be evaluated for Pointe shoes by the end of their 2nd year in Pre-Pointe. Students must show development in strength of the feet, ankles and legs, understand correct body placement, posture and aplomb, as well as show determination, interest & maturity in wanting to move to this next level in their dance career.

** The decision of placing a student on Pointe shoes will be made solely by the dance instructor(s) and based on careful evaluation of age, maturity, physical strength, and technical ability of the potential student. **