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Welcome to our Parent Portal!

We are excited to have you as part of the Swim America family! Use this portal to register for Camp or for indoor swimming. 

Parent portal instructions

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Indoor: September through July

  1. $55 per month
  2. $480 for a full year (20% discount)

 Each month you’ll receive:

  • 8 lessons
  • 30-minutes each lesson
  • Take one lesson Wednesday & one Saturday
  • OR Take 2 lessons on Wednesday (e.g. 5:30/6:00)
  • or Take 2 lessons on Saturday (e.g. 11:00/11:30)

 Class sizes are limited to 35 students per 30 minutes. We may be able to add students when we move to the new pool!

Due to high demand for classes:

Make Up sessions will only be held at 7 PM on Wednesdays and Saturday at 11:30 AM.  These tend to be our lightest sessions and can accommodate extra students. Please don't ask for other times as our staffing/pool situation can't accommodate it this year.  For some of you that may mean having a lesson at 5 PM and then coming back at 7 PM for the make-up. I apologize in advance for this inconvenience and we will work with you separately.  

Reasons allowable for make ups: 

  • School event (notify us in advance)
  • Illness (notify us ASAP)

These kinds of things are not allowable for make ups: child didn't feel like it; running late so decided to come at a different time; unexpected practice for school event; etc. 


You must notify us 7 days in advance that you are dropping the upcoming month. Since we are month-to-month we hold your spot for you each month. it costs us a great deal in fees and lost revenue when people let us know mid-month they are dropping. Therefore, if we charge you through the parent portal and you drop after the month has started, we will charge you $10 to cover our costs. We are sorry to have to do this!



Coach Dawn