Tuesday Lvl 1/2 Tumbling

Instructor(s): Hunter Weldon, Mike Tenie-Kengmeni

Level: Intermediate

Level 1

Skills required: Forward roll, backward roll, handstand, cartwheel, unassisted bridge (showing control and correct body positions throughout)

Skill goals: Backward roll to pushup position, Handstand forward roll, handstand block, cartwheel step together, round off rebound, front limber, bridge kickover, back walkover, front walkover/front walkover cartwheel

Level 2

Skills required: front walkover, back walkover, round off rebound, backroll to pushup position, handstand forward roll

Skills goals: Dive roll, back extension roll, standing back handspring rebound, round off back handspring rebound, front walkover round off/ round off back handspring rebound, back walkover back handspring, round off series back handsprings rebound