Team Development Camp (June 10-21st)

Team Development Camps give students the opportunity to train just like our competitive athletes and work with our team staff.  During this camp we are going to be focusing on having a great time, improving athletic ability, improving skill level, and basic routine construction.  Our wonderful team staff will be working with the students which will provide them with a unique opportunity to learn more about the sport. 

These camps are coed but the boys and girls will be split and will be working on their gender specific events.  Participants must be five years old to attend. Students will need to bring a light snack to consume during a break. 

Participating in this camp does not guarantee a spot in our team program. However, you will get feedback on your child's progress and recommendations from our team coaching staff on where the best place is for your child's continued development within our program.  Plus your child will have a great time experiencing how real gymnasts train!