Homeschool Gymnastics & Ninja Fitness - Wed 1:30pm (1.5hr)

Instructor(s): Keri Shaw, RJ Goligoski


This class combines ninja warrior training with gymnastics and trampoline training to get the fullest experience!


Ninja Warrior Training focuses on techniques and skill development (running, jumping, balance, grip strength, core strength) in order to complete all the obstacles within the course, such as "warped wall", "cannonball alley", "ring toss", "quintuple steps", and more! 

This beginner class is geared towards children who would like to learn basic gymnastics skills and progressions in a fun, positive environment. Students will learn basic skills on each gymnastics event (Vault, Bars, Balance Beam, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars and Floor)

Your young athlete will also learn routines on all three Trampoline and Tumbling events: Trampoline, Rod Floor (Tumbling), and Double Mini Trampoline. 


90 minutes