Girls Rec Beg 8+ yrs old

Instructor(s): Alexis Gaulin

Level: Beginner

This class has not met its minimum enrollment.  If you are interested, please join the waitlist, and email us at

  At MEGA, we give parents maximum flexibility.   We offer most of our recreational classes year-round, but you commit for a calendar month at a time. The monthly tuition is charged on the 27th for the following month,  and we automatically re-enroll and charge your student UNLESS you notify us in writing of your intention to drop by the 25th of the previous month.  Please refer to the "Policies' you have accepted online for the details.  Your Family Anniversary Fee will be automatically posted and charged to your family's account in your Anniversary Month.

 Please note that we offer a TRIAL class in any program that is new to your student.  This means that your student's first Gymnastics (or Tae Kwan Do for example) class will be free if, and only if, you choose NOT to enroll after their trial.  If they enroll, you will be charged for the class. It does NOT mean that you may try any new class or instructor in your program for free!  Please do your homework and use our staff and coaches to make good choices before you sign up for your next class.  We are here to help.

 Finally, please also note that we enroll in our classes year-round, so you don't need to wait for a new session to start.  Should you enroll mid month, your tuition will be prorated for the calendar days remaining that month.    Thank you for your interest in MEGA Massachusetts Elite Gymnastics Academy!