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  Thank you for checking out Metro South Gymnastics Academy! To determine the class you're looking for, please read our options below, but do note that you're only able to enroll in preschool and beginner level classes online.  To inquire about enrolling in non-beginner classes, please email info@metrosouthgymnastics.com or call us at 781-562-0560.

Types of Classes:

Preschool Gymnastics Classes

  • You & Me for ages 18 months to 3 years old
  • Tiny Tots for ages 3 and 4
  • Tumble Tikes  for ages 4 and 5

Girls Gymnastics Classes

  • Gym Stars for beginners, ages 5 and up
  • Rock Stars for intermediate students, ages 5 and up
  • Super Stars for advanced students, ages 5 and up
  • Pre-Xcel for our most advanced students, ages 5 and up

Boys Gymnastics Classes

  • Mini Monkeys for advanced preschoolers, ages 3-5
  • Gym Monkeys for beginners, ages 5 and up
  • Gym Twisters for intermediates, ages 5 and up
  • Mighty Twisters for advanced, ages 5 and up

Parkour & Freerunning Classes

  • Parkour & Freerunning 1 for beginners
  • Parkour & Freerunning 2 for intermediates
  • Parkour & Freerunning 3 for advanced

Please note the following in regards to program and class costs:

Monthly Tuition

MSGA operates with an open enrollment system and monthly tuition.  So you can enroll any time of the year, rather than committing to an 8 or 12 week session.  We hope that you find this flexibility helpful for you! If you join during the middle of the month, we're happy to pro-rate your student's tuition for you.

Monthly Statements

When you have a student enrolled in a class at MSGA, you will receive a monthly statement on the 15th of each month that will show you all charges on your account (i.e. monthly tuition, snacks & drinks, etc.).

Payment Procedures

That statement serves as not only a reminder that your account balance will be processed automatically on the 25th of that month for the upcoming months tuition (so, we process October's tuition on September 25th), but also it will remind you that in the event you'd rather pay by cash or check, so long as you bring that payment in before the 25th, you can do so.

Please note that tuition that is not paid by the 25th is considered late and ultimately if it is not paid before the 1st of the upcoming month, we will understand that you're not interested in continuing with classes that month and therefore un-enroll your student.


  Once the month tuition has been paid for begins, regardless of if they've attended a class, tuition is not refundable.  This does not mean that it is a loss though, as it can be used towards open gym, drop-in tumbling, gym jams, parents' night out and other activities at MSGA in the future.


Please Contact Us With Any Questions: info@metrosouthgymnastics.com or 781-261-3886

Thank You For Considering MSGA. We look forward to meeting you!