Papa Kupukupu (Inactive)

Instructor(s): Miki'ala Lidstone

Level: See class description for level information.

For ages 6 - 12 years.

Like the Hapu‘u I class, this is a beginning hula class that focuses on solidifying hula basics and learning hula classics. In addition to learning kaholo, hela, ka'a and ‘ami, dancers will learn the kawelu, ‘uehe and ‘ami kuku. Dancers will also learn a combination of classic and basic hula songs like Kawika, Lili‘u E Huli Makou, Little Grass Shack and more. The introduction of using hula instruments occurs in this class. Interactive and fun activities will be incorporated to lessons. This hula class is offered to anyone attending the Hapu’u I and Hapu‘u II class at no extra charge. This is not a class to attend because you’ve missed a Saturday class. Attendance must be consistent. Inconsistent attendance affects the progress of the class.